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We present a wide range of furnishings ideal for interestingly furnish your homes.
Few accessories than those present in the exhibition of the shop, but they are small ideas that can make your special space.
By the British Library, the Victorian chairs, trays and pliant, with accessories for fireplaces and other small curiosity that united to the presentation of the other categories, can help arrange for you, comfortable living spaces.


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  • Big ceramic apple laquered with brilliant matt gold.An object of modern art which gives a touch of personality to your home.Lisa Pappon artist and designer from Brasil creates inimitable ceramic apple sculptures as universal symbol. The artist utilizes nature's gifts such as clay, organic pigments and precious stones, gold or silver. She reinterprets nature's mystic fruits in ove ...
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    Price:  580 €
  • Beautiful wooden sculpture of the late 1700s.Two tibetan Buddhas sitting next to eachother transmitting their history and culture of peace, serenity and elegance.Inserted in any interior, modern or traditional, they elevate and distinguish the character of the room.Composition: woodDimensions: lenght 42 cm., height 50 cm., width 15 cm.Package contents: 2 Buddhas ...
    Price:  8.900 €
  • Small table with antique mirror, silvered bronze, by the famous Maison "Cardeihlac".It is a wonderful item, bright, elegant, with high quality, ideal for any interior, making the living room, the entrance, the studio or any other room nobile and interesting.Dimension: 72 x 48 cm., height 38 cm.Package contents: one tableMaison Cardeilhac was founded by Antoine-Vital Cardeilhac ...
    Brand : Cardeilhac
    Price:  6.950 €
  • Wooden cachepot with different colours of the wood to have a very elegant effect. The base, on three spherical wooden foots, brings the real cachepot. Its walls are made with a serie of parallel little columns.The soution to alternate two wooden colors is highly effective and impressive. The internal part of the cachepot, as the handle, is made of brass to isolate  wooden parts  and to a ...
    Price:  5.650 €
  • English flower pot of mahogany and brass.Beautiful, elegant and wide. Suitable and very nice for a composition of flowering pots or green plants that gives a strong personality and distinction to your home.Composition: mahogany and brassDimensions: height 25 cm, larger diameter 54 cm, smaller diameter 44 cm.Package contents: one pot ...
    Price:  950 €
  • Fine Quality Regency Mahogany Antique Side/Writing Table.This Fine Quality Regency Mahogany Antique Side/Writing Table circa, 1830 has a beautifully figured moulded top above three mahogany lined drawers all with decorative brass handles and the central drawer has a key with working lock. This splendid piece stands elegantly on turned legs with brass cup castors. The mahogany has been finished to ...
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  • French Bar Cart with Bottle Holder, Circa 1950.A lovely French bar cart useful and elegante, brings care and great attention to the hospitality of the house.It is possible to use it as a small table or side table for glasses, bottles and anything else required at the moment.The presented model is enriched with a bottle holder and can serve as a small entire bar.Dimensions: height 62 cm, length 56 ...
    Price:  2.950 €
  • French Bar Cart, Circa 1950.A lovely French bar cart useful and elegante, brings care and great attention to the hospitality of the house.It is possible to use it as a small table or side table for glasses, bottles and anything else required at the moment.Dimensions: height 62 cm, length 56 cm with handles, width 36 cm.Package contents: one bar cart  ...
    Price:  2.450 €
  • Nice garden furniture.The set consists two large armchairs, a pleasant and practical low table and a large and comfortable sofa for two.Beautiful quality.Composition: teak.Dimensions: sofa: width 130 cm., depth 60 cm., seat height 45 cm., height back 93 cmarmchair: width 65 cm., depth 60 cm., seat height 45 cm., height back 93 cmtable: length 120 cm., width 78 cm., height 47 cm.Comp ...
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    Price:  3.900 €
  • Italian plexiglass pliant, clear color.Composition: plexiglassDimensions: height 45 cm, width 28 cm, length 45 cm.Package contents: one pliant ...
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    Price:  420 €
  • Italian Plexiglass Tray, clear color, scalloped edge.A nice tray, a great expression of Italian art and craftsmanship that is practical and elegant at the same time. It offers our us its uniqueness, which makes it interessante for any interior for casual or elegant events.Lightness and brightness are very important features ofour tray, which can be perfectly supported by the pliant that is present ...
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    Price:  320 €
  • Elegant and stylish mahogany library from the XIX. century.Acconpanies and enriches prestigous interiors impressing our soul with its beauty.The shelves are movable, adapted to the measures of the books that they can accommodate.Beautiful refined and exclusive furniture, where a book or any accessories can stay accompanying the everyday life and givin prestige to any interior.Compos ...
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    Price:  3.600 €
  • English hanger of mahogany.Elegant accessory for your home. Comfortable and practical for using weel the space of the room and doing it wit art and distinction.Composition: mahoganyDimensions: base and top diameter 65 cm, diameter umbrella stand 40 cm, height 210 cm. ...
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  • Paiting with sailboats by JMF Robuchon. He used intensive colours creating a dinamic imagine.The sky, the clouds, the sea, waves and sails involve us into a moment of the stormy sea. We can almost smell and breath the breeze and the flavor of the waves.The painting can be perfect for any interior and also as a particular gift.Dimensions: 60x40 cm  ...
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    Price:  1.450 €
Displaying from 1 to 21 products
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