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Wedding lists and special events:
Our wedding lists to marry and... remarry!!!
Our presentation of objects chosen for your magnificent event which begin from your time future together, from which your souls are reflected in a mysterious new group of sharing and viewing, from which rises a new generative body of life and thought ...., guide and enlighten you always, remembering that every object reflects the love the artist, and him who gives it, has for you, so that their memory remains in your heart and be a source from which you can draw the strength and reflection for the construction of your path, experiencing events as building of green frond of the future, from the moving infinity of wealth of the past seed.
That your storyline runs on the strong foundation warp with confidence, hope, courage and strength to build a bright bridge from the past to rise higher and higher, in the light of the stars and the sun, for you and for humanity that there It has been entrusted and which is waiting for you.
Worldwide deliveries will be carried out with love, sympathy, and...

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