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  • Pair of French candlesticks, Blackmoor in gilded bronze.   Pair of French candlesticks, Blackmoor in gilded bronze.Bright and full of life, they contribute to giving creativity and enthusiasm.Expression of French art, expression of an exciting beauty.As splendid as ornaments, splendid on the table, on desks, fireplaces; the softness of the clothes and the right harmony of the leaves crea ...
    Brand : Lapparra-Orfevre
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  •  Menorah Hannukkah Silver        A Very Elegant Sterling Silver Menorah Hannukkah in Art Decò Period, having a square pannelled body with bead-edged borders, and sitting on a pedestrial foot. Made by Britten, Gould and Co, of Birmingham in 1931. The Dimensions of this fine hand made Silver Menorah are: Height 26.5 cm (10.5 inches),Spress Across A ...
    Brand : Parenti Firenze
    Price:  2.750 €
  • "Sphinx" beautiful chandelier with three lights, of great class, sobriety, elegance.Excellent workmanship, wonderful manufactory of great esteem and tradition.Pleasant, fresh and of great distinction. These wonderful candlesticks with three lights can enter in any interior where reigns the pleasure of choice and where the love for art and quality select the objects.Dimensions: ...
    Brand : Robbe & Berking
    Price:  1.590 €
  • "Feeling"  French silver plated candlestick, Ercuis.The Feeling collection reveals classical contours and a decoration of finely engraved lines.The presented candlesticks could be a wonderful gift. They are very elegant items, for any table to cheer the people around with the touch of the light.Composition: silver plated metalDimensions: height 15 cm (5.9 inches),   & ...
    Brand : Ercuis
    Price:  295 €
  • Christofle: Hanukkah.    Linear, sober, and elegant, the Hanukkah that we present to you by Christofle stands out for its beauty and elegance of form.Splendid in its linearity, it expresses a path of subtle and precise light.The meaning is that of "dedication". The holiday refers to the dedication of the altar of the Temple of Jerusalem after the Hellenic occupation during the ...
    Brand : Christofle
    Price:  880 €
  • Camel-form silver pewter candlestick.... Our beautiful candlesticks are intriguing because of their shape and make the table, the desk, the library or any other interior interesting and very special.Their quality and their solid weight make them easy to use as bookends.They  are welcoming gift for men with culture.Composition: pewterDimensions: height 13 cm (5.1 inches),    ...
    Brand :
    Price:  680 €
  • "Sphinx" candlestick with 6 lights.Great quality and elegance.A magical light runs from the center of a modern and traditional board. It is perfect for offices, libraries and any precious interiors.Beautiful object.  Dimensions: height 24 cm (9.4 inches),                &nbs ...
    Brand : Robbe & Berking
    Price:  4.520 €
  • Pair of Silver Candlesticks, 1950... Beautiful silver candlesticks, from the spectacular manufactory Barker Ellis. They have an elegant form, wonderful class.Created with art and love for quality and tradition, expressing the dynamism of the candlelights, resting on Corinthian columns of the Greek history, illuminating with magic our spaces.Really rare to find items like our candlesticks, which ar ...
    Brand : Barker Ellis
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  • Old Sheffield 1820 Telescopic Antique Candlesticks Pair... The British telescopic candlesticks stand out for their great class and elegance and charm and beauty.From the English period around 1800, they stand out for the harmony of the line and the history that the art of the time transmits.Great quality, great prestige. !!Dimensions: Normal Height 22 cm           &nb ...
    Brand : Parenti Firenze
    Price:  3.450 €
  • Pair of Silver Plated Bronze Candlesticks.      Pair of splendid silver bronze candlesticks from the splendid Odiot manufacture, rich in history, tradition, beauty, richness and quality.Beautiful objects that stand out for the excellent quality and harmony of form.They fit with elegance and kindness in any environment conveying their rich personality.Composition: silvered bronzeDime ...
    Brand : Odiot
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Displaying from 1 to 15 products
Result Pages:  1