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    Tableware Set: Herend-Hungary "Victoria Gris", Hungarian Porcelain Table Set for 6 Persons, Platin Edges

    Price:  3.200 €

    "Victoria Gris", Hungarian Porcelain Tableware Of Splendid Quality

    The original price is € 4580.00.

       Beautiful dishes set, Hungarian porcelain of a special and distinct workmanship. 
    The wonderful high quality Hungarian porcelain tableware giving lights and magic to the table. It almost looks like a halo of stars and takes us to a lovely and exclusive atmosphere.
    There is a nice balance between shades of white, platinum, black and gray that vivify  butterflies and the flowers.
    Queen Victoria is probably Herend's most renowned pattern.
    The first commission by Herend's Royal patron happened over 160 years ago, when this colorful, Chinese-inspired pattern was awarned at The First World Exhibition, held in 1851 in London.
    The décor, made up of bright colored butterflies and peonies has been surrounded by unbrocken succes ever since.
    The Herend Porcelain Manufactory marked the significant annyversary of its décor with the creation of different contemporary versions of the basic patter.
    On of these, is this elegant and fine grey-platin design.

    Composition: Porcelain

    Dimensions: Dinner Plates Diameter 28 cm,
                         Soup Plates Diameter 24 cm,
                         Dessert Plates Diameter 20 cm,
                         Oval Tray 42 x 33 cm,
                         Round Tray 35 cm.

    Package contents: 6 Dinner Plates, 6 Soup Plates, 6 Dessert Plates, 2 Trays.