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    Apple Super Extra: Glazed Ceramic, Turquoise

    Price:  740 €

    Big ceramic apple, Turquoise glazed.
    An object of modern art which gives a touch of personality to your home.
    Lisa Pappon artist and designer from Brasil creates inimitable ceramic apple sculptures as universal symbol. The artist utilizes nature's gifts such as clay, organic pigments and precious stones, gold or silver. She reinterprets nature's mystic fruits in oversizesd exaggerated ceramic apple sculptures.

    Lisa Pappon has long sought an icon that unites all people regardless of their origin. The apple is a symbol that spans the globe and has recurred in the most remote and diverse cultures for millennia.

    Composition: ceramic
    Dimensions: diameter 39 cm (15.4 in), height 32 (12.6 in) cm, weight 7.7 kg.
    Package contents: one ceramic apple

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