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    Centerpiece: Haviland "Lucia" Grand Vide Poche Animalier Concert

    Price:  680 €

    Haviland "Lucia" Grand Vide Poche Animalier Concert. 

    ... Lucia, in reference to light, is a magical evocation of the firefly. Composed of two decors, this collection reveals the poetic universe of the painter Alain Thomas.
    The “Animal Concerto” decoration invites us to discover Russian folk music, a tradition full of imagination and emotion. Three musicians in traditional clothing subtly transform nature's songs into a lyrical hymn. Alain Thomas expresses a romantic vision of the Russian popular soul, declined like a poem on porcelain.

    Composition: Porcelain 

    Dimensions: Height 30 cm 
                         Width 30 cm 

    Package Content: One Vide Poche


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