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    vase: Daum "Fleur De Paon" Vase Numbered Edition .

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    Daum: "Fleur De Paon" Vase Numbered Edition .

          Beautiful Center-Flowers vase
    Incredible colors, magical significance: peacock feathers, turn their eyes to sunlight, in search of beautiful bright and clear mystery of God.

          The Fleur de Paon collection is more than ever like the crystal, colorful and delicate, it draws its inspiration from the most beautiful displays of this mythical animal. Exactly 100 years after the Plume de Paon collection released in 1919, Daum draws from its archives and imagines a collection of crosses between Art Nouveau and current trends in palm and exotic leaves from the jungles of Asia. The shimmering plumage of the green peacock mingles with the green foliage to compose a wide bouquet of greens with bluish reflections and touches of warm amber. Each reflection, each color will come to life in these delicately worked crystal pieces.