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    ART OF THE TABLE: Royal Worcester "Gold Dinner Plate Collection"

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    "Gold Dinner Plate Collection"

            A pretty exhibition but of great artistic, qualitative and economic depth.
            We present 12 Plates from a rare collection, no longer to be found, of the historic Royal Worchester, a splendid Bone China covered with a high thickness of gold engraved in a fantastic way.
          Leaning on top, another museum exhibit is represented by the Baccarat "Prestige" Dessert Plates from the 1960s, truly museum and collector objects, and by careful and expert reflection.
         The "Harcourt Empire Baccarat" glasses and the golden "Eye" Candelierino crown our presentation.

    It is possible to buy all the exposed objects, by clicking on the links at the bottom of the page, or in the specific appropriate sections on the left hand menu, where you can scroll through our rich proposals with prices.

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