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    Victorian tray, sterling silver, Sheffield 1892

    Price:  9.400 €

    Victorian sterling silver tray, Sheffield 1892.

    Beautiful tray with an elegant oval shape with a border slightly raised. It is engraved with refind floreal designs - festoons leaves framed by flowers.
    The tray has a beautiful form and easy to use even in a simple but stylish day in homes, where lives the love for the house and for its people and it reflects on the objects, on their beauty and their history.

    Composition: silver
    Dimensions: lenght 44 cm, width 36 cm.
    Package contents: one tray

    HA  Atkin Bros -Harry Atkin. The company traces its establishment to Thomas Law in mid 18th century.
    It was succeeded by Henry Atkin and John Oxley trading as Atkin, Oxley & Co.
    In 1840 Henry Atkin continued the trade as Henry Atkin & Co at 32 Howard Street, Sheffield. After his death, his brothers Harry Wrigth Atkin, Edward Thomas Atkin and Frank Shaw Atkin continued the business as Atkin Brothers.
    The firm was converted in 1925 into a limited liability company under the style of Atkin Brothers (Silversmiths) Ltd.
    In 1958 the flatware business was sold to C J Vander of London and the holloware business to Adie Brothers of Birmingham. 

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