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    Victorian Tray, Sterling Silver, Sheffield 1902

    Price:  7.480 €

    Victorian tray, sterling silver, Sheffield 1902, John Round & Son.

    Beautiful tray with an elegant oval shape with the border slightly raised and the plan engraved with refind designs of floreal kind with festoons leaves framed by flowers.
    The tray has a beautiful form and easy to use even in a simple but stylish day in homes, where lives the love for the house and for its people and it reflects on the objects, on their beauty and their history.

    Composition: silver
    Dimensions: lenght 47 cm (18.5 inches), width 34 cm (13.4 inches).
    Package contents: one tray

    If you wish to know more about "John Round & Son" you can visit our Blog in the section "La Storia dei Brand". 

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