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    Baccarat: Charles X, French Crystal Jug (Limited Edition)

    Price:  9.900 €

    French Baccarat crystal jug, limited and numbered edition, ours is the N ° 98.

    The jug that we present here, is more than a jug, we can consider it as a real crystal sculpture.
    The so slender shape and the thickness of the bright, brillant and clear crystal, the engravings and artistic magic of symmetry and depth exalt any person who has the opportunity and pleasure to take it in hand.
    The carved handle in harmony with the whole item what rests on a round base.
    We can find the magic incisions on the jug and even on the bottom. T
    hey are so perfect and so precise that they leave us really dazzled.
    In the world we can find two jugs like this one. The other one is in the Museum of Baccarat in Paris.

    Composition: Crystal

    Dimensions: Height 35 cm.

    Package contents: One Scupture