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    Parenti Shop Window "Eye"

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    Walking through the streets of the city center and looking at the windows, it is pleasant for most of the gentlemen to notice rich exposures, create new thoughts, sources of new reflections and generate inner wealth.
    Our new showcase, exposes objects of real beauty.
    The harmony of "Bello" is expressed in Baccarat Crystals and English Crystals, such as the splendid Flutes, incredibly tall and charming.
    Ice buckets of great class, Candlesticks of magical shape, jewels and gold handbags of the 1950s, harmonize the light of our splendor.
    The love for the conjugation of the quality conjugated to the form, expression of art in time, accompanies our works: our rupolo of creators is combined with that of the viewer in a contemporary dialogical analysis of judgment.
    Our history leads us to act like this: we do not give in to the banal and the economic knowing that the price of the objects is proportional to the time and sacrifice and love that the companies transmit with their brave launches.

    It is possible to buy all the objects exposed in the shop windows, by clicking on the links at the bottom of the page, or in the specific appropriate sections on the left hand menu, where you can scroll through our rich proposals with prices.

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