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    Shop Window Parenti

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    It is not easy, through a photo, to convey the beauty and harmony that objects can transmit together.
    The elegance of the English cloche, harmoniously beautiful in their shape and in their gentle engravings, seems almost to present the succession of the three silver baskets underneath, which stand out for their splendid harmonic utility.
    Inserted in our rooms, the three baskets give that touch of class and that luxury, that only the objects of a certain period and of a certain quality can transmit.
    The slender English Crystal Flute William Yovard, to their left, incredibly tall, captivates with their exclusivity and almost seems to protect the Tommy glasses, from tasting and from Vodka, on the right.
    Everything is illuminated by the magical transparency of the Baccarat mirror, which adorns our window like every living space.
    It expands, with its transparent reflections, your entrances, your rooms, your corridors, your bathrooms, and any environment dear to you.
    The Eye vases that welcome it are part of the luxurious Baccarat manufacturing, that is expressed in crystals cut horizontally on the outside and vertically on the inside, creating that typical magic of the brilliant.
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