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    Shop Window "Easter 2021"

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    "Easter 2021".

    ... A new Showcase reflects the balance of this year's Easter 2021.
    The English Cockerels, the Chicks and Birds, always English, the Baccarat crystal, and the Large, fascinating and illuminating painted Eggs, the Baccarat colored Mosaic Glasses, the French Baskets, all together enriches the base of our Showcase, welcoming our gaze who pleasantly smiles, to get up on the upper floors.
    The upper floor exhibits a selection of really interesting jewels, starting from the central necklace by Chaumet in gold and coral, to the lateral necklace by Bulgari with ancient medals, to the lateral parure of our production, dating back to the eighties, with rock crystal pendants and Diamonds.
    We are fascinated and elegantly dazzled by the New Haviland Set of splendid Porcelain with this splendid broad outline in Dark Brown edged with wavy Gold.
    The new Servito called "Chocolate" has a beautiful soup tureen, a very nice coffee pot, splendid coffee cups, splendid trays, truly a serving that fascinates us, which we present with great pleasure, precisely by virtue of its beauty.
    For a perfect equipment we imagine it with Baccarat's "Empire" Glasses, which are displayed in front of the Servito, Glasses of such solid elegance, such as to contribute to this high balance of art and beauty of our composition.

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