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    Baccarat: "Alizee" Veil 300, Midnight

    Price:  1.580 €

    "Alizee" A beautiful and bright sail...
    To sail on transparent waters of the sea, a wonderful and magical sail to fly in the fantasy of freedom, a new gorgeous magic sail to fly in the fascinating blue of thoughts.
    A wonderful sail for being always in the present.

    Baccarat has created a blue crystal sail for boating enthusiasts and lovers of the sea. A decorative object and exceptional trophy, the Voile Alizée invites you to voyage.
    Pure lines caressed by the wind, the Alizée sail designed by Klaus Harttung invites you wander. Boat devotees and lovers of the sea, dive into the big blue with this ocean-colored creation. The sail’s surface allows for customized, made-to-order engravings. The Voile Alizée is perfect as trophy for life’s unforgettable events, and a wonderful gift to dream of infinity.

    Composition: crystal
    Dimensions: height 29 cm, width 20 cm.
    Package contents: one crystal sail

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