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    Bowl: Baccarat "Arabesque", Douceur Set of 6 Small Bowls, French Crystal

    Price:  355 €

    "Arabesque" Set of 6 Small Bowls in French crystal.

                    Beautiful transparent bowl, bright with beautiful engraving, excellent for cocktails, ice creams and macadonie.
    Practical gift and stylish accessory for your home.
    The scalloped edges rise and fall in tiny waves.
    Just below, a thick belt of geometric swirls —a motif embellished with stars and acanthus leaves—wreathes around the bowl.
    This intricate garland is hemmed in by the Clear crystal crosshatching that decorates the underside of the item.
    Created for Baccarat in the 19th century.

    The complete Arabesque collection is presented in the "Crystalware-Baccarat" category.

    Composition: crystal
    Dimensions: diameter 12 cm (4,7 inches)
    Package contents: 6 small bowls


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