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    Sculptur: Baccarat "Eagle Owl Midnight", Sculpture (height 39.5 cm)

    Price:  7.200 €

    "Eagle Owl Midnight", Sculpture.

                                  This splendid owl presents brightness, light and deepness of its wonderful color. Ist sleek and slender shape is solid and gentle at the same time giving us the beauty of the art of Baccarat and the charm of the beautiful bird.
    The Eagle Owl is a very large and powerful bird. It is the largest species of owl with a wingspan of up to 80 inches. Each member of an Eagle Owl population can be individually identified by means of its vocalizations. – Generally speaking, the owl is linked to magic and spirituality. It is a symbol of wisdom, knowledge and intelligence. – This animal plays a particular role in the famous Harry Potter saga. Owls allow to transmit messages and manage to find the letter recipient wherever he is. It has a strong relationship with its master and embodies the personality of its owner.

    Dimension: Height 39.5 cm (15.6 inches)

    Package contents: One Sculpture

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