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    ART OF THE TABLE: Gien "Hunting" I. Exposition

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     "Hunting" I. Exposition

    A "Hunting" Table of splendid quality.
    The colors we have presented combine perfectly for the atmosphere of a game lunch.
    The French cutlery of pure natural horn, the green Baccarat glasses, the evergreen Saint Louis goblets and the same goblet of Saint Louis red wine, at the same time and together with the others, combine to create that warmth that a winter lunch, with the flavors of the forest and nature can welcome.
    And even the English Crystal Decanters contribute to create this magical atmosphere.
    It is interesting to note the plates, which are hand painted in French ceramics by the Gien Company and which express 6 different hunted animals.
    A truly creative table of great flavor, art and beauty.

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