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    Turtle: Saint-Louis "Animalins - La Tortue", Clear and Amber Crystal Turtle

    Price:  550 €

    "Animalins La Tortue" beautiful crystal turtle Saint-Louis.

                                         Fantastic colours and really fascinating transparency.

    Unique object.

    The Crystal Manufacture of Saint-Louis grows rich by the creativity and the audacity of impassioned artists like the sculptor Yves Maero. Result: 4 Animalins full of charm and surprise. A red ladybird, a blue snail, a green frog, a yellow tortoise fire, a whole poem of Prévert. Coloured shells and carapaces which are raised and removed, from the transparent bodies to the gold reflections.

    Dimensions: 14 x 9 cm., height 6 cm.

    Composition of the expedition: one turtle in two parts in its box.

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