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    ART OF THE TABLE: Alberto Pinto "Botanique" Collection I. Exposition

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    "Botanique" Collection I. Exposition

    The elegance of these large 29.5 cm "Botanique" Buffet Plates from the Alberto Pinto collection conveys an elegant balance of class and refinement.
                We have set the table with English crystal goblets of splendid shape, the blue goblets of Saint Louis, English silver coaster and wine decanter also in ancient English crystal.
          Each 29.5 cm plate has its own flower and the flowers are repeated in six different expressions.

    The cost of the series of 6 large Buffet Plates is € 1,260.00

         It is also possible to have a full service that we will soon be exhibiting with dessert plates, flat plates and soup plates.

    It is possible to buy all the exposed objects, by clicking on the links at the bottom of the page, or in the specific appropriate sections on the left hand menu, where you can scroll through our rich proposals with prices.

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