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    Art of the Table: Royal Crown Derby "Aves Gold"

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    "Aves Gold"

            Our table is truly a picture that can cheer us and our guests who would be incredibly amazed to see a conjugation of such beauty.
           The golden birds "Aves Gold", reflect the depth that the same brushstroke of gold on the English Bone China creates, giving life and volume and thickness, to the natural framework that English Art wants to convey through these artistic paintings.
           The English glasses, the gilded silver cutlery, the ancient English silver pheasants, the green Saint Louis glasses of the "Tommy" line, all together contribute to create that magic that we were trying to describe at the beginning of our description. .

    It is possible to buy the table set, and other objects exposed on the table, by clicking on the links at the bottom of the page, or in the specific appropriate sections on the left hand menu, where you can scroll through our rich proposals with prices.

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