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    Art of the Table: Aves Gold

    Price:  49.690 €

    The price  €  49.690,00  refers to the purchase of the exposed table for 12 people:

    English Porcelain Tableware for 12, Gold Decoration, 48 Plates (12 dinner plate, 12 soup plate, 12 dessert plate, 12 fluted dessert plate):   €   10.850,00

    Set 12 Charger Plates, English Porcelain:   €   3.160,00

    Gilt (24 carat) Cutlery Set for 12 (96 Pieces: 24 table forks, 12 table knives, 12 table spoons, 12 dessert spoons, 12 coffee spoons, 12 dessert knives,12 dessert forks):   €   8.800,00

    Set 12 Glasses, Green Saint-Louis Crystal:   €   3.660,00

    Set 12 Wine Glasses, English Crystal, Grape Decoration:   €   2.380,00

    Set 12 Flute English Crystal, Grape Decoration:   €   2.640,00

    Centerpiece/Vase, Green Saint-Louis Crystal:   €   1.300,00

    Pair of Silver Pheasants, Antique, circa 1880.:   €   9.950,00

    Pair of Silver Salt Dishes, Antique, Gilt Internal, English, circa 1750.:   €   3.450,00

    Pair of Silver Salt Dishes, Antique, English, circa 1750.:   €   3.500,00

    TOTALE:     €   49.690,00

    It is possible to buy the table set, and other objects exposed on the table, by clicking on the links at the bottom of the page, or in the specific appropriate sections on the left hand menu, where you can scroll through our rich proposals with prices.

    A table, soft and light, almost as if the earth was elevated and vaporized from the sun.
    Everything is beautiful and almost ethereal, everything is in harmony and seems to fly up: William Yeoward's goblets, ancient silver pheasants, British porcelains with gold pheasants, almost as if we were in Heaven, the golden cutlery set like an elegant frame,the ancient saltwalls that history wanted give to our future, the splendid Saint-Louis Folia vase which, with its natural green, brings us back to fresh meadows of happiness ... all in all, it is for a splendid and elegant and interesting dinner of good friends.

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