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    Pair of Silver Gilt Baskets, London 1898, Charles Stuart Harris

    Price:  6.450 €

    Pair of Victorian siver gilt baskets, London 1898, Charles Stuart Harris.
    Beautiful pair of Victorian silver gilt baskets, realized by an exceptional craftmanship which demonstrates the capacity and professionalism of Harris manifacture, which made several of the most beautiful masterpieces of this age.
    Garlands of flowers emerge in relief on a thin perforated grid.

    Dimensions: 25 per 19 cm (9.8 x 7.5 inches), 
                         height 13 cm (5.1 inches).

    Packaging composition: two silver gilt baskets

    Charles Stuart Harris in 1852 acquired in 1852 a silver making company begun in 1817 by John Harris, possibly a relation; situate in 1854 at 29 Kirby Street as and electro spoon and fork maker, electro plater and gilder and agent for plated wares (1856), electro spoon and fork maker, electro plater and gilder and manufacturer of plated wares and silversmith (1858), and silversmith (1871). In 1885 he purchased the business of D.J. & C. Houle, manufacturing silversmiths, retaining their workshops at 24 Red Lion Street, Clerkenwell, EC. C.S. 
    Harris opened additional manufacturing premsies c.1892 at 41 and 42 Hatton Garden EC. In 1897 the business was converted into a limited liability company under the style of C.S. Harris and Sons, Ltd. described as, 'manufacturing gold and silversmiths, manufacturers of and dealers in gold and silver plate, wire and lace, dealers in gold and silver, diamonds and other precious metals and stones, electroplaters, silverers and jewellers, & etc,' with premises at 41 and 42 Hatton Garden, EC, 28 & 29 Kirby Street, Hatton Garden, EC, and 23 and 24 Red Lion Street, Clerkenwell, EC, and the directors recorded as Henry Stuart Harris, Walter Stuart Harris, Edwin Stuart Harris, Alfred Stuart Harris, and Frederick Stuart Harris. C.S. Harris & Sons Ltd. were also in possession of premises at 13 & 14 Bateman Street, Soho, acquired, probably in December 1897, from Arthur Stuart Harris and Ernst Stuart Harris, trading as Harris brothers, and maintained until c.1906. C.S. Harris & Sons Ltd continued in business until 1933/34, latterly giving up all their premises except those at 41 & 42 Hatton Garden. They were subsequently incorporated into I Freeman & Sons Ltd. manufacturing silversmiths and dealers in antique silver and plated wares of 23 Hatton Garden, EC.


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