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    Art of The Table: Arabesque II.

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    The detailed description of the table, is in our Blog on the top right, clicking "Art of the Table"  

    Set 12 Dinner Plates Baccarat Crystal:   €   3.300,00

    Set 12 Dessert Plates Baccarat Crystal:   €   2.520,00

    Set 12 Saucers Baccarat Crystal:   €   2.040,00

    Set 12 Small Bowls Baccarat Crystal:   €   680,00

    Silver Plated Cutlery Set for 12 (85 pieces: 24 table forks, 12 table knives, 12 table spoons, 12 dessert forks, 12 dessert knives, 12 dessert spoons, 3 serving tools in the original box):   €   9.150,00

    Set 12 Italian Charger Plates “Leaves”:   €   3.360,00

    12 Candleholders/Place “Card”, Golden Colored Baccarat Crystal, Small Individual Lights:   €   2.880,00

    Centerpiece/Large Bowl, Baccarat Crystal:   €   2.600,00

    12 Saint-Louis: "Stella Or", Set di Crystal Flute Gold Decor   €  4.680,00

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