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    Baccarat: "Ours", Polar Bear in French Crystal, Numbered Edition

    Price:  3.850 €

    "Ours" beautiful sculpture in French crystal, Baccarat...
    belongs to a numbered serie. This sculpture is the number 177. Design by Loet Vanderveen.
    The white polar bear is so supple, soft plastic that could only be issued by the pen of a great designer, animal lover like Loet Vanderveen.
    The perfection of its forms makes this item ideal for any type of interior, modern and minimalist or classic.

    Composition: crystal
    Dimensions: altezza 19 cm (7.5 inches), length 36,5 cm (14.5 inches).
    Package contents: one  crystal statue

    Loet Vanderveen
    Loet Vanderveen was born in 1921 in Rotterdam, Holland. He lived near the Rotterdam Zoo and that became an important factor in his life. He spent many hours there in his early years and developed a tender intimacy with the various species. When the zoo was bombed during WWII, many animals were injured and killed. This was devastating to Loet. The reminiscence inspired him many years later to capture in his designs the animals' essense he felt as a child. He escaped from Holland during the German occupation and through the dutch Queen's recommendation, was able to join the RAF. Following the war, Loet became a fashion designer working in Zurich, London and New hyork. While living in New York, he met Fong Chow who was curator of the Far Eastern department at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Fong encouraged Loet to study ceramics and glaze chemistry with him. In 1959, Loet moved to Big Sur where he built his home and studio overlooking the Pacific. He began his career in ceramics designing animals and architectural commissions. He eventually combined bronze and ceramic techniques to produce a style that is uniquely his. After a fire ravaged through Big Sur destroying his home and studio, Loet decided to focus his work completely on bronze. The work evolved from simple ceramic shapes with brilliant glazes into stylized animal designs with exquisite patinas and he developed the highly polished details that are his trademark. The new Animals and Structures Collection, the Baccarat Crystal Collection and the Haviland Porcelain Collection are current examples of the way in which Loet Vanderveen has continually reinvented himself over the course of hsi 50 year career in the arts.

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