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    Glass: Baccarat "Mille Nuits" Flutissimo Red Coppia

    Price:  570 €

    "Mille Nuits Flutissimo" Pair of Flutes Baccarat Crystal, Model Ruby.

    ... Tall and elegant glass in hand-cut crystal. The Baccarat Clear crystal Flutissimo is designed by Mathias as part of Baccarat’s Mille Nuits collection.

    The –issimo suffix indicates that something as "extremely" notable and indeed the Flutissimo is remarkably stunning. The sleekness of the narrow bowl contrasts with the intricacy of the lower half. The stem has beveled detailing all the way down to the foot, from which ridges irradiate. The two halves are united by the elegant diamond-shaped center, which is the Mille Nuits signature.

    It is possible to increase or decrease the quantity of the selected items by writing to

    Composition: Crystal

    Dimensions: Height 29 cm,
                         Cl 17

    Package contents: 2 Flutes

    You can find information about the designer on our blog in the "I Designer" category.

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