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    Vide- Poche: Baccarat "Louxor", Catch All, Vide-Poche

    Price:  290 €

    "Louxor", Catch All, Vide-Poche.

    ... The beauty of this vide-poche is enhanced with every flicker of illumination reflected on a diamond-cut surface.
    As the light interacts with the crystal, it creates an incredible, almost psychedelic, optical effect that scintillates brilliantly and shimmers radiantly.
    With its diamond cuts and vertical lines, Louxor offers the magic effect of infinite pyramids of light.
    Designed by Thomas Bastide for Baccarat.

    Composition: crystal

    Dimensions: Height 6 cm (2.4 inches)
                         Width 17
                         Lenght 13.5 cm 

    Package contents: one vide-poche

    You can find information about the designer Thomas Bastid on our blog in the "I Designer" category.

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