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    Sculpture: Baccarat "Metropolis"

    Price:  10.500 €

    Metropolis Crystal Skyscraper Designed by the artist Hans Van Bentem .

    ... Incredibly sleek, incredibly bright, incredibly magical in its splendor, the Metropolis Baccarat skyscraper stands out by giving the charm of transparency and artistic quality that only Baccarat can convey.

    Hans van Bentem has created a series of three limited edition sculptures for Baccarat, inspired by the progress of architecture in history. The first work in the collection, Number 1, recalls the classic codes of Greek-Roman architecture and symbolizes the need for man to reach the stars. The crystal tower, cut by the expert hands of the Baccarat artisans, reflects all the magic of these projects.

    Composition: Crystal 

    Dimensions: Height 76.5 cm (30.11 inches)
                         Width 16 cm (6.3 inches)

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