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    Christofle: "Mood Party" Silver Plated Cutlery Set (in the Middle)

    Price:  990 €

    Mood Party
    ... The new " Mood Party " brings us back to the pleasure and liveliness of a joyful aperitif together.
    The graceful shape of the small knife with a fork, combined with the spoon as well as the very nice brooch for olives, presents a covinviale image of what can be an aperitif with friends.
    A nice buffet with our new "Mood" egg in the center opens us to the smile, the invitation ..... to a good salmon tart. 

    Composition: Silver Plated Cutlery Set 

     Dimensions: Height Closed Egg       24 cm
                          Diameter Closed Egg  14 cm
                          Knife Lenght                15 cm
                          Fork Lenght                 13 cm
                          Little Spoon Lenght     13 cm
                          Olive Pin Lenght          8.5 cm

    Package Content: 6 Knife, 6 Little Spoon, 6 Forks, 6 Olive Pins


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