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    Glass: Baccarat "Harcourt" Verre Louis Philippe, Set 2

    Price:  1.000 €

    "Harcourt" Verre Louis Philippe

    .. Exclusive, elegant, refined and of great prestige, the glasses reflect the tradition of France and carry the memory of Louis Philippe of Bourbon - Orléans.
    Duke of Chartres, when the French Revolution broke out (1789) Louis Philippe was with his father among the first nobles to join the Third State.
    Louis Philippe was the last monarch to reign over France from April 6, 1814 to August 9, 1830 with the title of King and was the last of the Bourbon Kings in France.

    Composition: Crystal

    Dimensions: Height 17 cm (6,69 inches)
                         C 25 Cl 

    Shipping Contents: Two Glasses

    Contact the store to order a different quantity of glasses.

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