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    Cutlery Set: Ercuis "Citeaux" Gilt 96 Pieces

    Price:  13.880 €

    "Citeaux" CGilt utlery Set  96 .

        Created in 1974, Citeaux is the symbol of ERCUIS’ distinctive and powerful creative vision.
    The shape of the handles and the knife’s blade are reminiscent of gothic patterns, for a traditional look with simple and timeless lines.
    Citeaux today remains the ambassador of ERCUIS’ elegant silversmithing, steeped in a variety of cultural and decorative influences. It will adorn your table with the strength and nobleness of its roots.

    Packaging contents: 24 table forks,
                                     12 table knives,
                                     12 table spoons,
                                     12 dessert spoons,
                                     12 coffee spoons,
                                     12 dessert knives,
                                     12 dessert forks.

    You can find information about the brand Ercuis on our blog in the "La Storia dei Brand" category.

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