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    Sculpture: Lalique "Flora" Nude Sculpture Limited Edition 99 Model

    Price:  30.000 €

    "Flora"  Nude Sculpture Limited Edition 99 Model. 

          The grace, the lightness, the satin brightness of splendor, the incredible and composed charm that Lalique's sculpture emanates, leaves you truly enchanted in the true sense of the word.
    The Song transports us to the harmonious musicality of creation, within which woman, an expression of humanity, lives from generation to generation.

    The radiance of satin-finished crystal highlights this Grand Nude Flora, Goddess of nature and spring in Roman mythology. Captivating with voluptuousness and grace, she watches over foliage, allowing nature to awake each year. The cherry blossoms on her back evoke the world-famous and wondrous blossoming of Japanese cherry trees. This limited edition of 99 pieces demonstrates the extraordinary ability of Lalique glass masters to sculpt the light by fashioning crystal.

    • Composition: Clear crystal

      Dimensions: Height 39 cm
                           Width 20,5 cm
                           Lenght 23 cm
                           Weight: 13.7 kg

      Limited edition of 99 pieces, piece delivered with a certificate of authenticity mentioning its number

      Handcrafted in France

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