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    Carafe: Baccarat "Vega" Carafe 0,75

    Price:  640 €

    "Vega" Carafe 0,75.

    The purity of the outline underscores the luminosity of the material, and the beveled neck adds just a dash of multifaceted refraction in the light. The decanter’s beveled neck is especially eye-catching, its zigzag form embodying the signature design flourish of the Vega collection. This accentuated, rippling angularity puts the smooth Clear crystal body and the conical stopper into sharp relief, creating a stunning architectural contrast. Designed by Savinel & Rozé for Baccarat, the Vega bar and stemware collection also includes champagne flutes, martini glasses, and wine glasses.

    Composition: Crystal

    Dimensions: Height 35.5 cm (14.8 inches),
                         C: 25.4 oz.

    Package contents: One Carafe With Stopper

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