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    Cutlery Set: Robbe & Berking "Martelé" Silver 925 Cutlery Set for Six (24 Cutlery)

    Price:  7.480 €

    Robbe & Berking "Martelé" Silver 925.

    ... A new spring presentation with the "Martelé" 925 silver cutlery set, inserted inside this Cover Box of so exciting modernity.
    The cutlery stands out for the beauty of the silver, for the beauty of this almost hammered art that invites you to observe the depth and light that the cutlery itself presents.
    Note the beauty of the knife which harmoniously fits into the whole but which amazes us for its modernity: the burnished blade, of this dark anthracite, helps to transform our table into a true expression of modern art.

    Composition: 925 Silver

    Dimensions: Box Height 30 cm
                        Width 20.4 cm
                        Diameter 20.4 cm
                        Fork height 20 cm
                        Knife height 23.9 cm
                        Spoon height 13 cm

    Package Content: A box containing 6 table spoons, 6 table forks, 6 table knives, 6 coffee spoons.

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