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    Gong: Cast Brass Shell Case Gong, 1920

    Price:  1.950 €

    Cast Brass Shell Case Gong, 1920.

    ... A gong of great charm and beauty: the base so wide that it almost represents the succession of three steps allows the gong to be raised to a splendid and elevated position. Supported by lateral hexagonal columns, it stands out for its beauty, its strength, its significance. The knob rests on the exposed part of the support beam and it too contributes to the charm of the whole gong itself. Since its tradition, the gong emanated a fascinating sound that could awaken people to new messages and could mark time with great determination based precisely on the determination of the sound and not on the limitation of the word. beautiful as a gift, as furniture for our offices, our spaces, our work environments, an object of great charm, great charm, company, great class, attraction.

    Composition: Brass

    Dimensions: Height 53.5 cm (21 inches)
                         Base Width 28 cm (11 inches)
                         Lenght 31 cm (12.2 inches)

    Package Content: One Gong