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    Glass: Baccarat "Harcourt Empire" Set 12 Glasses N.2 (on the Right

    Price:  4.440 €

    "Harcourt Empire" Set 12 Glasses N.2.

    ... The Empire I Baccarat Goblet is a magnificent Goblet from the Harcourt Line ; it is decorated with a wonderfully harmonious decoration and accompanied at the base and at the top by a solid gilding, which almost creates a complementary frame to the Goblet itself.
                     The Harcourt line rests on a hexagonal base from which the perfectly cut stem rises, and a glass of long and at the same time always magnificent tradition.
                         On our tables it enriches with beauty and quality, not only to the sight which, however, draws beauty from it, but also to the touch, because picking up and lifting a glass of such splendor transmits a particular conjugation of sensations that only through art is possible. to experiment.

    Composition: Crystal

    Dimensions: Height 15.5 cm 
                         C 25 cl 

    Package Content: Twelve Crystal Glasses

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