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    Porcelain Tableware: Haviland "Illusion Chocolat" 36 Dishes For 12 Persons

    Price:  8.800 €

    "Illusion Chocolat" .

    The splendid "Chocolat" service by Haviland stands out for a unique beauty that only the deep tradition and the choice of decorations in splendid harmony transmit to us observers.
      The splendid golden perimeter, enhances such a light that highlights the depth of the color which in turn seems to rise, through the waves that the delicate gold transmits to the whole, creating a true expression of art and grace and class at the same time .
           In correlation, it is possible to observe the splendid Empire Baccarat Goblets and our new little bird from the current collection of Jaime Hayon.

      Composition: Porcelain 

    Dimensions: Diameter Dinner Plate 28 cm
                        Diameter Soup Plate 23.5 cm
                        Diameter Dessert Plate 22 cm
                        Diameter Flat Dish 31 cm
                        Large Salad Bowl 25.5 cm 
                        Soup Toureen 33 x 16 x 21 cm 
                        Dimensions Pickle Dish 23 cm x 17 cm 
                        Diameter Oval Dish 39 x 31 cm 
                        Height Coffeepot 21 cm
                        Height Cream Jug 6 cm
                        Height Sugar Box 11 cm
                        Lenght Sugar Box 12 cm

    Package Content: 12 Dinner Plate, 12 Soup Plate, 12 Dessert Plate, 1 Flat Dish, 1 Salad Bowl, 1 Soup Toureen, 12 Pickle Dish, 1 Oval Dish, 12 Coffee Cup and Saucers, 1 Coffee Pot, 1 Cream Jug, 1 Sugar Box. 

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