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    Vase: Daum "Arum" Bleu Nuit Vase Grand Model

    Price:  6.790 €

    Vase: Daum "Arum" Bleu Nuit Vase Grand Model .

                 Arum collection
    The elegant Arum collection is enriched with a splendid new vase, midnight blue, in intense and deep shades. The Arum collection, the quintessence of the floral style of the Maison Daum, invites us to appreciate the slender shapes of the generous corollas and the delicacy of the material, enhanced by the exceptional know-how of the master craftsmen of the manufacture.
    The new vase really excites us, fascinates us for its incredible shape and above all fascinates us thinking about how it is possible, from a crystal glass paste, to extract such a splendor.

    Height 40 cm
    Maximum width 30 cM

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