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    Vaso: Puiforcat "Petanque" 32,5 cm

    Price:  3.950 €

    Vase: Puiforcat "Petanque" 32,5 cm . Finition Argentè

    The splendid Petanque vase by Puiforcat recalls the shape of the 2 Boccia "that very fast ball that reaches its destination, hitting the target.
    Here is the vase that Puiforcat proposes, transports us to the world of perfect luminosity, where the sphere transports us to the continuous movement of the celestial stars, illuminated by the sun or by the reflected light of other planets.
    The Petanque vase is beautiful, ideal for classy and sophisticated modern settings.
    Ideal for flowers, centerpieces, expression of art and beauty.

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